Freemasons' Hall Tour

Free guided tours by the Museum of Freemasonry 18 Jun - 20 Mar 2020

Pass through the doors of 60 Great Queen Street and you’re walking into history. Freemasons have met on this site since the late 18th century. The current Freemasons’ Hall is one of the few Art Deco buildings in London still used for its original purpose. Join one of our free guided tours to discover the story of freemasonry and Freemasons’ Hall for yourself.

Your tour starts in the museum’s galleries before moving through the rest of the building. Here everything has a meaning and your guide will reveal the significance of the symbols you encounter. Along the grand corridors and through the richly decorated ceremonial areas and, finally, beyond the huge bronze doors (each weighing more than a tonne) and into the Grand Temple itself.

Freemasons’ Hall is a busy place and is used regularly for masonic meetings, filming and private events. When it isn’t being used for these things we offer public tours of the building. Tours are free and begin at 11am, 12pm, 2pm, 3pm and 4pm, and usually last around an hour.

You can book online for up to six people, up to a month in advance. Book your place here.

Occasionally we have to cancel tours at short notice when Freemasons’ Hall is needed for other things. If this happens, we’ll contact you and give you as much notice as possible.

Visit the Groups page to find out about booking tours for larger groups.

Amazing building, beautiful interiors with a lot of history. The mosaic ceiling is something to behold.

Joe Shahabuddin Google
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