Environmental Sustainability Policy

The Museum of Freemasonry (MoF) recognises that environmental sustainability is the foundation of wider social and economic sustainability and is an integral part of good institutional practice. The MoF recognises its sustainability obligations, now and in the future, to staff, to visitors, to the local community and to stakeholders including the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) and its members. The MoF is committed to reducing its impact on the environment (including complying with all applicable legislation) and to balancing the needs of the collections held and the historic building in which it is based with that commitment.

The MoF will:

  • work with UGLE to promote and implement environmental sustainability throughout the organisation
  • ensure energy efficiency measures are embedded in staff practice and in the areas within Freemasons’ Hall it occupies;
  • encourage walking, cycling and the use of public transport as the principal means used by staff getting to work, for travel by staff on MoF business and that these are advertised to potential visitors;
  • ensure MoF staff reduce and recycle office and food waste;
  • procure office stationery, museum, library and archival resources in a responsible and sustainable manner; and
  • encourage staff and volunteers to attend appropriate sustainability training and development
  • review this policy at least every five years

This policy was approved by the Museum of Freemasonry Council on 26th September 2017 and is due to be reviewed no later than September 2022.