It's our turn to introduce ourselves to you. 

Martin Cherry

Martin Cherry, Librarian, Museum of Freemasonry


The Library has always been a cornerstone of the Museum. It has a unique place in the building, and in freemasonry, so Martin's stewardship of the Library and knowledge of its content is a tradition in itself. With his team, Martin keeps the Library collection up to date and preserved for future readers.

Mark Dennis

Mark Dennis, Curator, Museum of Freemasonry


There is a huge collection of objects and two gallery spaces at the Museum. So it is no small task that Mark, with his team, has in managing the temporary exhibitions and permanent displays that visitors enjoy. His expertise in freemasonry's material culture is second to none.

Susan Snell

Susan Snell, Archivist and Records Manager, Museum of Freemasonry

Archivist and Records Manager

There are over three kilometers of archival material at the Museum, so it takes a very dedicated mind to manage all those memories. Thanks to Susan and her team the history of all the lodges, chapters, charities and individual freemasons are preserved safely and always ready to be shared with you.