By Lumen 20 Feb - 25 Jul 2020

Wonder and storytelling are as much a part of the sky above us as science and understanding. Our world is mirrored in the sky, and over the centuries cultures have created symbolism of the sun and moon as opposites, often represented in human form, ruling day and night.

Freemasons also use imagery of the day and night sky. They appear on many older aprons and in symbolic prints. Sometimes the lodge room ceiling has stars painted on it to remind those freemasons beneath of their place within the cosmos. Time moves on for us all, just as the phases of the moon appear in the night sky.

Phases has been produced by Lumen at the invitation of the Museum of Freemasonry to respond to their collection. Including imagery from NASA, Phases juxtaposes a light-based installation with a selection of astronomy-inspired collection items not usually on public display. It brings contemporary art together with the craft of freemasonry to offer a new perspective on a subject with many facets.

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