Do you have a mysterious item that you're curious to know more about?

Sometimes families find a letter, photograph, apron or badge belonging to a family member from the past. It may have some unusual symbolism, or an acronym with a meaning you'd like to uncover. Often these items have been hidden in drawers and lofts, lost to memory for years at a time.

If you send us a well-made photograph of your item we may be able to help you identify the subject. It may be for a particular lodge or chapter, a freemason's official rank or simply another fraternal order like the Odd Fellows. In some cases an identification of a lodge and date may be all you need to start a whole new story of discovery about your loved one. 

Send us a good picture of your item and as much relevant information about the individual who owned the item and we'll do our best to help you with your research. 

This is a free service provided by the Museum's expert team who are just as curious as you!

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