What are freemasons doing to help communities cope in these difficult times?

As part of our contemporary collecting initiative, Museum of Freemasonry is capturing information about what freemasons are doing to help during COVID-19. This may include any fundraising events, volunteer support you are providing for key workers, or stay-at-home support in the community.

We will permanently preserve this material as part of #OurCovid19Story.

As well as collecting paper items like posters, leaflets and brochures, the Museum has a digital archive too. So we can collect all your digital content, which will be very valuable for future access.

You can send us COVID-19 related items such as emails, local hand-washing posters, letters, brochures, circulars, photos, website links, social media content, diaries of lockdown experiences, masks, examples of PPE equipment provided by freemasons, etc. Please make sure you have everyone's permission to collect this material. This is especially important for images of community activities, lockdown recollections and details of hardship experiences due to the pandemic.

This is a difficult time for many; let's do it in a sensitive, respectful and ethical way. Let people know what you are doing and why; explain that you are collecting to keep a record of this unique situation and respect there may be some high emotions involved.

To get started, send our Archives team an email with your contact details, a description of what you have and why you think we should collect it. Include images if you can. 

Help us keep a record of your experience for future generations. Let's get collecting #OurCovid19Story.